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Transition: Finance Resources

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  • DuPage County Transition Planning Committee

    The DuPage County Transition Planning Committee puts together a guide to help students and their families with the process of transitioning from the public school system to adult services by providing information about resources in DuPage County that are available after high school.

  • Financial Milestones Skills List

    The  Financial Milestones Skills List provides a checklist for youth to identify money management skills they have met as well as those areas where they may need additional focus. Some of these activities may not apply to everyone.  (English) (Spanish)

  • HealthWell Foundation

    The HealthWell Foundation provides financial assistance to eligible individuals to cover coinsurance, copayments, health care premiums and deductibles for certain medications and therapies.

  • Medical Grants through United Healthcare Children’s Foundation

    United Healthcare Children’s Foundation offers grants  up to $5000 to families who have private insurance, but need financial assistance to help pay for healthcare treatments, services, or equipment that is not covered or not fully covered by their private health insurance plan.

    To be eligible for grants, children must be 16 years of age or younger. Families must meet economic guidelines, reside in the United States and have a commercial health insurance plan. Applicants may apply online at any time – there is no deadline.

  • Money Management: Skills Tips

    Money Management Skills for Children: (English) (Spanish)

    Money Management Skills for Teens: (English) (Spanish)

  • Paying for College: Skills Tips

    (English) (Spanish)

  • Planning for the Future: Skills Tips

    (English) (Spanish)

  • Registering for PUNS: Skills Tips

    (English) (Spanish)

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): Skills Tips

    SSI for Children:  (English) (Spanish)

    SSI for Teens: (English) (Spanish)