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These tools will help you prepare for the transition to adulthood.

The transition to adulthood is a significant and exciting time in a person’s life. For youth with special healthcare needs and their families, this journey is no less rewarding but requires careful planning and knowledge of valuable resources to assist in the transition. We’re here to provide this support and help you and your family prepare for what lies ahead.

We have developed a set of checklists and materials to help youth and their families learn and practice new skills and gain greater confidence and independence. You can search for these resources by category or region on the right side of this page.

We’ve also compiled some of our most popular checklists and materials into one convenient packet for ease of reference:

If you are interested in receiving a printed copy of the toolkit, please click here.

We are eager to partner with you to make the journey to adulthood as successful as possible.

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independence Resources

  • Together We Prepare - American Sign Language Videos

    The Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission collaborated to create a series of videos presenting vital preparedness messages in American Sign Language. Topics include emergency planning, evacuation and building a kit.

  • Emergency Preparedness Tips for Those with Access and Functional Needs

    A guidebook from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency that provides preparedness tips for people with visual, cognitive or mobility impairments; people who are deaf or hard of hearing; those who utilize service animals or life support systems; and senior citizens.

  • Guide for Voters with a Disability

    USAGov provides this step-by-step guide to help individuals with disabilities prepare for Election Day and know their rights and options.

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