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Connecting families and nursing agencies to improve access to available nursing throughout Illinois

NurseNet is a place where Home Care Program families can connect with home health nurses in their area.

The platform aims to bridge the gap between:

  • Illinois families who need nursing services for individuals with complex medical needs enrolled in the Home Care Program and
  • Enrolled home health nursing agencies with available nurses

Families can use NurseNet to share their nursing needs. Nursing agencies that are enrolled with the Division of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC) can share information about where nurses are available.

This information can help families find suitable nursing care. It can also help nursing agencies identify opportunities to serve families.

Who Can Use NurseNet?

Anyone can use NurseNet to search for general nursing opportunities across the state.

The search is set up for families and nursing agencies to easily find and share what they need.

  • Families: Families enrolled in the Home Care Program can log in to NurseNet and enter their nursing needs. Nursing agencies can see this information and contact the family if they have a potential nursing opportunity in the family’s area that matches their care needs. Families can also see where nursing opportunities are available throughout Illinois.
  • Nursing Agencies: Nursing agencies enrolled with DSCC can log in to NurseNet and enter all areas of the state where they have nurses available. Nursing agencies can also see where families have nursing needs and connect with those families to provide nursing care.

Why Use NurseNet?

Finding home nurses can be a challenging process. That’s why we created this tool to help families share their need for nursing and connect with nursing agencies that have available nurses.

NurseNet is not a nursing agency. It is a way to improve nursing coverage for families.

We are excited to offer this tool to help provide nursing connections to our participant families enrolled in the Home Care Program.

You can:

  • Search all Illinois counties for nursing agencies that serve your area. You can specify the care needs you’re looking for and even what shifts you need.
  • Request care for the shifts you need covered. Nursing agencies can see those requests and let you know if they have a nurse available.
  • Search for nursing care for multiple Home Care participants with one user account.

Features and Benefits for Nursing Agencies

Nursing agencies can use NurseNet to:

  • Add and manage all the Illinois counties you serve and what you have available for each county.
  • Add shifts that your available nurses can cover.
  • Manage multiple locations or sites with one user account.
  • Search and see families’ care requests and notify them when you have available nurses.

How Do I Use NurseNet?

Families can access NurseNet at

Nursing agencies can access NurseNet at

We have created these guides and videos to help you use the site:

What If I Need Help?

If you have problems accessing NurseNet, please send an email to