The Family Voice

We value our partnership with families!

Our partnership with families is essential to our support for Illinois children and youth with special healthcare needs.

Family feedback is the most valuable tool we have to strengthen this partnership and improve the quality of our services.

We continually develop new ways for families to share their input. This input has a direct role in shaping our policies and program goals.

Learn more and hear directly from some of our participant families below:

  • Family Stories – Participant families share how the Division of Specialized Care for Children has helped improve the quality of their lives and hope for the future.
  • Family Advisory Council – This council brings our families and staff together to promote the delivery of participant- and family-centered services.
  • Family Surveys – We send a series of surveys to our participant families at certain points in their journey with the Division of Specialized Care for Children.
  • Home Care Family Outreach – Our Home Care Family Outreach Associate offers support, connection and empowerment for DSCC families caring for loved ones with complex medical needs.