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Transition: Work Resources

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  • “What You Need to Know About Your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) When You Turn 18”

    This publication helps youth prepare for the transition from school to adult life. It provides information about SSI work incentives that primarily affect youth, as well as information about common programs and services that parents, guardians and youth may find helpful. Specific programs covered include the Student Earned Income Exclusion, SSI Continued Payments (Section 301), vocational rehabilitation and the Department of Education’s Parent Centers. Information on Medicaid, the importance of keeping health insurance and having a primary care provider are also included.

  • Building a Resume: Tips for Youth with Disabilities

    PACER’s National Parent Center on Transition and Employment provides these tips for young people with disabilities and their families on effective strategies for building the first resume.

  • DuPage County Transition Planning Committee

    The DuPage County Transition Planning Committee puts together a guide to help students and their families with the process of transitioning from the public school system to adult services by providing information about resources in DuPage County that are available after high school.

  • Employment Milestones Skills List

    The  Employment Milestones Skills List provides a checklist for youth to identify work-related skills they have met as well as those areas where they may need additional focus. Some of these activities may not apply to everyone. (English) (Spanish)

  • Employment Services – Cornerstone Services

    Helping people get and maintain employment in the community through career counseling, job development and job coaching.

  • Finding Your Talent: Skills Tips

    Provides tips for developing your child’s skills and abilities.  (English) (Spanish)

  • Illinois Department of Employment Security Youth Program

    Provides youth employment security through representation, training programs, and apprenticeship programs for students.

  • Illinois Transition Consortium

    Helps students successfully transition from school to employment by providing contacts, education, and support.

    Contact by phone (618) 651-9028 or e-mail

  • Illinois Worknet

    Jump start your career! You can make it happen…create a career plan, get an education, find a job.

  • Job Experience: Skills Tips

    Provides information about work experience and identifies programs that can provide support and services. (English) (Spanish)