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Brochures and Pamphlets

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Here are the most frequently requested brochures.  You’ll find our Family Handbook and other important information about services for children and families.

  • Division of Specialized Care for Children: Family Handbook
    Provides answers to the most common questions families have about our services and explains how to contact us for more information or assistance.
    (English or Spanish)
  • Division of Specialized Care for Children: How We Help
    Outlines eligible conditions and explains care coordination services provided for families of children with special healthcare needs.
    (English or Spanish)
  • Division of Specialized Care for Children Program Brochure
    Explains the benefits of the Core Program, outlines conditions eligible for services and provides contact information for our offices around the state.
    (English or Spanish)
  • Division of Specialized Care for Children:  How We Support Families
    Provides more specific examples of the ways we partner, help and connect with families enrolled in our program.
    (English or Spanish)
  • Zoom for DSCC Families Tip Sheet
    Tips to help families get started with Zoom and help their virtual meetings with our staff go smoothly.
    (English or Spanish)
  • MCO Selection Tip Sheet for Families
    Key issues and questions for families to consider as they determine which managed care organization (MCO) is right for their needs.
    (English or Spanish)
  • “What Does All Kids/Medicaid Cover?” Tip Sheet
    All Kids/Medicaid covers many services, providing comprehensive medical, dental, vision and pharmacy benefits. This tip sheet provides examples of what may be covered in each of these areas.
    (English or Spanish)
  • Illinois Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI): Important Instructions to Parents
    Provides information to parents on what to do next after not passing the newborn hearing screening.
    (English/Spanish, English/FrenchEnglish/Polish or English/Arabic)
    More EHDI Forms can be found on the Illinois Sound Beginnings website.
  • Institute for Parents of Preschool Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 
    Provides information about the Institute held in June of each year in Jacksonville, Illinois.
    (English or Spanish)

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