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Request Brochures and Pamphlets

Want to share information about our services with families?

Use the form below to order printed brochures in bulk. Descriptions and links to sample brochures can be found on our Brochures & Pamphlets page.

  • Specialized Care for Children: Family Handbook (form 40.03)
  • Specialized Care for Children: How We Help (form 05.39)
  • Specialized Care for Children: Core Program Brochure (form 03.32)
  • Specialized Care for Children: How We Support Families (05.40)
  • Illinois Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI): Important Instructions to Parents (form 43.01)
  • This brochure is also available in French, Polish and Arabic and can be downloaded from the Illinois Sound Beginnings website. More EHDI Forms can also be found on the Illinois Sound Beginnings website
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