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Transition: Education Resources

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  • Education Milestones Skills List

    The  Education Milestones Skills List provides a checklist for youth to identify educational skills they have met as well as those areas where they may need additional focus. Some of these activities may not apply to everyone.  (English) (Spanish)

  • College & Accommodations: Skills Tips

    Provides tips for youth preparing  for college and outlines how to obtain needed accommodations.  Provides information about available resources. (English) (Spanish)

  • Disability Scholarships

    Information about college scholarships available to students with disabilities.

  • DuPage County Transition Planning Committee

    The DuPage County Transition Planning Committee puts together a guide to help students and their families with the process of transitioning from the public school system to adult services by providing information about resources in DuPage County that are available after high school.

  • Elmhurst Learning and Success Academy (ELSA)

    This four-year program offers a full-time, post-secondary educational experience to young adults with developmental disabilities. Ages 18-28 high school graduates with disabilities can earn certificates in academics, independent living skills and social/recreational skills.

    190 Prospect Avenue
    Elmhurst, IL 60126-3296
    (630) 617-3752

  • Growth & Development: Skills Tips

    Infant Development: (English) (Spanish)

    Toddler Development: (English) (Spanish)

    Preschool Development: (English) (Spanish)

    Adolescent Development: (English) (Spanish)

  • Higher Education Information for Youth

    This document provides an extensive listing of web sites and web resources to assist youth and their families in preparing for transition to college.

  • In Chef’s Hands

    Provides culinary educational experiences with renowned professional chefs for individuals with special needs who have a passion for food and cooking.

  • Planning & Going to College: Skills Tips

    Provides tips for youth to plan for going to college.  Provides information about available resources. (English) (Spanish)

  • School Meetings: Skills Tips

    School Meetings for Children:  (English) (Spanish)

    School Meetings for Preteens:  (English) (Spanish)

    School Meeting for Teens:  (English) (Spanish)