Podcast Highlights DSCC “Resource Hunter”

June 14th, 2021

Mom’s new podcast features Care Coordinator Amanda Kaufman and how she helps children with medical complexity through DSCC

As a Care Coordinator in the Home Care Program, Amanda Kaufman guides parents and caregivers as they learn to care for their medically complex children at home.

One of those parents formerly on her caseload is Erica Stearns. Erica is the mother of two Home Care participants, 5-year-old Margot and 3-year-old Caratacus.

Earlier this year, Erica started a podcast called, “Atypical Truth.” The podcast focuses on issues affecting caregivers, individuals with disabilities and individuals with complex medical conditions.

Erica recently invited Amanda on the podcast to talk about her role at the Division of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC), where she works in our St. Clair Regional Office.

During the conversation, Erica spoke about how Amanda and DSCC have provided invaluable support to her family:

“DSCC was one of the first organizations to step into our lives. They were some of the first social workers who came into our home and really began helping us to navigate our new lives with a medically complex child.

The beginning of this experience was actually very difficult. It occurred during a time when I was still learning how to cope with the acceptance of the unexpected that came with this unknown diagnosis.

DSCC has played a tremendous role in helping our family to thrive, really. Not only have they helped to provide the means for us to care for our children at home rather than in a hospital or an institution, they’ve also supported us emotionally throughout every step of this journey.

They are the people who we can guarantee to check in on us regularly, to tell us about a resource or a charity that might benefit our children, and they even go so far as to send birthday cards to each of the kids, which I just can’t express it enough how touching and heartwarming that singular gesture is.”

Amanda talked about her background as a social worker and her passion for connecting families to the right resources.

“I love finding resources, and I love being successful at finding something that a family needs,” Amanda told Erica.

Amanda also shared how caring for her late mother now helps her relate to her participant families’ challenges and emotions.

You can access the entire podcast episode, titled “Resource Hunter,” on the Atypical Truth website. It is available for listening on all popular podcast streaming services.

A big thank you to Erica for featuring DSCC and highlighting Amanda’s compassion and commitment to our participant families!