How We Help /

Personalized Care Coordination

How exactly we help you and your child depends on your specific preferences and needs, but Care Coordination is always at the heart of how we help.

As soon as you have contacted us and are in our system, we assign your family a Care Coordinator—a Specialized Care for Children staff person, who is a nurse, social worker, speech pathologist or audiologist, and who draws on the knowledge and expertise of our entire network and 80-year history. Your Care Coordinator, along with a Program Coordinator Assistant, will be based in the Specialized Care for Children office that covers your geographic region.

Your Care Coordinator is your main point of contact at Specialized Care for Children, answering your questions and leading the team that’s dedicated to meeting your child’s medical, social, and educational needs. As needed, your Care Coordinator will include your child’s doctors and teachers in the conversations and plans, to ensure everyone is working together.