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  • National Resource Center for Patient/Family-Centered Medical Home

    Family members are the primary caregivers and support in a child’s life. Practices and healthcare organizations that are truly family-centered provide care in equal partnership with families, caregivers and children.

    This page for families and caregivers from the National Resource Center for Patient/Family-Centered Medical Home includes tools, resources and links to information that will assist families in successfully partnering with their child’s medical home. It includes templates for how to build a care plan for your child.

  • Healthy Children is the official parenting website of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

    The site provides the latest information to help support the optimal physical, mental and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults

  • Illinois Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Programsun-icon

    The Illinois Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (IL EHDI) Program works to ensure families of babies and children who are deaf or hard of hearing receive appropriate and timely services. These services include hearing screening, diagnosis, early intervention and parent-to-parent support, provided through coordinated systems of care.

    Families and providers can learn more about the EHDI program and find resources on the Illinois Sound Beginnings website.

  • Autism Speaks

    Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. Its website includes information about autism, available resources and more.

  • The Catalyst Center

    National center dedicated to improving health care insurance and financing for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN).

  • PKU Organization of Illinoissun-icon

    The PKU Organization of Illinois provides resources and support to teens, adults and families with PKU and 16 allied disorders.

    Their website includes information about understanding and managing phenylketonuria (PKU), diet, local resources, events, what to expect at different life stages and a PKU binder toolkit.

  • National PKU Alliancesun-icon

    The National PKU alliance provides information including the latest research, a guide for new parents, educational videos, cooking and food, personal stories, scholarships, and legislation and policy.

    Individuals impacted by Phenylketonuria (known as PKU) may also download the PKU Handbook, a guide to help understand, organize information and manage PKU from diagnosis to adulthood.

  • LifeLine Pilots

    LifeLine Pilots is a non-profit group providing free air transportation to patients seeking a second opinion or in need of treatment at a clinic far from home for non-emergency medical needs.

    The organization serves individuals who may not be able to travel long distances any other way or have financial or health-related needs.  Volunteer pilots fly passengers in need within a 10 state region. Lifeline Pilots also works with other volunteer pilot organizations to arrange flights beyond their service area.

    If you have questions or need to determine if you qualify for services,  call 800-822-7972 or fill out the mission request form.

  • Illinois Assistive Technology Program

    The Illinois Assistive Technology Program (IATP) provides expertise in assistive technology and accessible information technology to all Illinois residents of all ages with disabilities and/or health conditions including family members, friends and caregivers.

    IATP provides assistive technology demonstrations and allows people to see, try and borrow devices before making a purchasing decision. IATP also allows people to donate or obtain gently used assistive technology devices.

    IATP’s ATLOAN$ Program provides loans to qualifying Illinois citizens with disabilities or their families for the purchase of assistive technology. Available loans include assistive technology loans, home modification loans and credit builder loans.