Great Ideas Suggestion Program

Got ideas…share them with the Director!

As a valued member of the Division of Specialized Care for Children, your suggestions for improving how we serve families are important. This is a forum to share ideas that could lead to positive and beneficial changes for programs and the Division. I appreciate your committment to the families we serve and your willingness to participate in improving our daily work environment.

Suggestions that identify specific problems and propose workable solutions may result in better service delivery, increased productivity, reduced costs and conservation of resources. Hopefullly this will become a tool which enables and creates a sense of ownership for all.

When preparing to submit your suggestion, consider the following points:

  • identify any benefits expected to come from using the suggestion,
  • address the feasibility of implementing the suggestion,
  • define the extent of its application, and
  • estimate the costs and/or savings in (time, money or effort) if implemented.

Providing your name and email address is not required, but omitting them may prevent opportunities to seek further clarification.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will consider all suggestions. Please realize, for a variety of reasons, it will not be feasible to implement every suggestion. Don’t be discouraged if your suggestion is not implemented…and please keep the ideas coming my way!

Great Ideas Suggestions

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