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The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) College of Dentistry Services

The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) College of Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care including a full range of services for people with disabilities and children with complex oral health needs and special developmental and behavioral care needs. Pediatric Dentistry clinics provide care for children from infancy through adolescence (under age 17), including:

  • Comprehensive oral health examinations, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, sealants, restorative procedures (fillings, crowns, etc.)
  • Extractions and minor surgical procedures
  • Urgent care (trauma, infection, etc.) and more

These services can be completed using inhalation sedation (Nitrous oxide), moderate sedation and general anesthesia. Read more about pediatric services.

People with disabilities can request services to help them participate equally in the College of Dentistry’s services, programs and activities. Requests can include sign language interpreters, documents in Braille, and other ways of making information and communications accessible.