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Hands and Voices Virtual Waiting Room

Hands & Voices virtual waiting room provides resources and connections for families with children who have been referred to or are in the care of an audiologist and who are receiving those services through technology or “telehealth.”  Much of the information is also useful for families who are preparing for onsite visits.

Hands and Voices virtual waiting room includes:

  • A video about the importance of next steps when your child is referred for more testing after a hearing screening
  • A guidebook for parents about audiology and telehealth
  • Information about tele-audiology options
  • Questions to ask your audiologist, understanding your child’s audiogram, help making decisions with communication and more
  • Connections to family-to-family support from trained parent leaders
  • Explanations of help offered by a variety of professionals in addition to your child’s audiologist
  • Resources to promote health and well-being for you and your child
  • A link to email a Hands & Voices trained parent who can answer your questions and direct you to additional resources