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DSCC 2019 Calendar Contest Winners Announced

November 29th, 2018

DSCC 2019 promotional calendar cover featuring three stick figure children's drawings

New promotional calendar features artwork from 15 young artists from across the state.

The University of Illinois at Chicago’s Division of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC) is excited to announce the winners of our 2019 Kids’ Art Calendar Contest.

The calendar features drawings from 15 artists ranging in age from 5 to 19. The calendar theme is based on DSCC’s mission to “Partner, Help, Connect.”

Illinois youth up to age 21 were invited to select any or all of the Partner, Help and Connect templates and illustrate what each theme means to them.

The 12 submitted drawings that received the most “likes” on DSCC’s Facebook page were chosen for each month of the calendar. They are:

Child's drawing of a person and tree

Artist Harlee, age 7


Child's drawing of herself and her sister with complex medical needs

Artist: Neena, age 9


Child's drawing of a heart, star and puzzle pieces

Artist: Emma, age 13


Child's drawing of two cats

Artist: Tia, age 10

Teen's drawing of a teddy bear and bed

Artist: Joshua, age 19

Child's drawing of two people with a heart

Artist: Ada, age 7

Child's drawing of two girls walking down a path

Artist: Meridith, age 10

Child's drawing of a stick figure family

Artist: Hudson, age 5

Teen's drawing of hands holding a paper doll chain

Artist: Brigette, age 18

Child's drawing of a heart and people holding hands

Artist: Scarlett, age 12

Child's drawing of Native American giving corn to a Pilgrim

Artist: Bailey, age 10

Child's drawing of stick figures holding hands around the Earth

Artist Hayden, age 11

Additionally, the next three drawings that received the most likes were selected for the calendar cover. They are:

Teen's stick figure drawing of a doctor and patient with a heart

Artist: Hailey, age 13

Child's stick figure drawing of a girl holding a heart

Artist Brook, age 6

Child's drawing of a stick figure family linked to different supports

Artist: Ada, age 11

A big thank you to all of the young artists who participated in the contest! Our staff was very impressed with the quality of work and creativity shown.

To see all of the contest entries, visit our contest submission photo album on Facebook.