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Care Coordination Stories: Building Relationships & Getting Needed Services

March 18th, 2015

Completing applications for various programs and translation are just a few services available through our care coordination.

Last week Soe Gamero and Susan Slocum met with a family at the Healthcare and Family Services administrative office in Elgin. Team SS (we love that our staff created a team name) helped the family complete an application and get a Link card. During this visit, Team SS met the office manager and case worker. They created contacts in case the family needs future assistance.  After making sure all documentation was in place, Soe and Susan drove to the Social Security Administration in Woodstock and met with the family again. Working with the Social Security representative,  they made sure that all paperwork was accurate so the family could begin receiving their son’s SSI payments. Applications can be complex, but we’re here to help.

Throughout the meetings, Soe translated for the Spanish-speaking family and Susan talked with staff members to explain how Specialized Care for Children can be a partner to help them work with families.

The family said our care coordination helped them understand the process better and they were thrilled with the outcome. This family and Team SS have built a relationship that allows for communication and ongoing assistance.