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In 1935, Title V of the Social Security Act enabled states to “extend and improve services for crippled children.”

Two years later, the Governor of Illinois issued an executive order to create the Division of Physically Handicapped Children in the Department of Public Welfare. This division received federal funds to provide services to the state’s children with special healthcare needs. It became what is known today as the Division of Specialized Care for Children.

The division was transferred to the University of Illinois in 1941. By the division’s 10th anniversary in 1947, more than 50,000 children had been registered and helped. In 1991, we officially changed our name to the Division of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC).

Today, thousands of families throughout Illinois annually receive some form of help from DSCC. Our network of highly professional staff works out of 11 regional offices across the state to coordinate services. We consistently draw on the networks and knowledge we’ve built over the decades while staying up to date on ever-changing insurance, health and policy issues.

Much has changed in our 85-plus years, from the language we use to talk about children with special healthcare needs to the medical advancements and insurance plans that support them. What hasn’t changed is our dedication to improving the lives of these children and the families who care for them. We’re here to help.