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How We Help Providers

Doctor smiles while holding a young boy with a craniofacial condition

We are a valuable resource and partner for healthcare providers, including nursing agencies.

Our care coordination puts families at the center of their child’s care and strengthens the physician-family partnership. This assistance is free and available for children who are Illinois residents and have certain chronic conditions.

Our registered nurses, social workers, audiologists and speech-language pathologists provide help based on each family’s needs.  We work together to:

  • Assess needs and develop a customized care coordination plan
  • Find specialized medical care
  • Coordinate services among different providers
  • Work with Medicaid and help apply for All Kids insurance
  • Maximize insurance and help understand coverage
  • Communicate with doctors, specialists and schools
  • Arrange transportation for appointments
  • Offer resources and information
  • Connect families for parent-to-parent support
  • Pay for certain medical expenses when families meet income guidelines
  • Assist with the transition from early childhood to adulthood

Our care coordination helps families keep their appointments, follow your treatment plan and communicate more effectively with everyone involved in their child’s care. We have also developed an extensive network of pediatric specialists for children and youth with special healthcare needs and can facilitate referrals for other providers and vendors.

We operate the Home Care Program through an agreement with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS). We are the single point of entry for all Illinois individuals under age 21 who require in-home shift nursing services and determine nursing agency approval.

We’re excited to work with you and help promote the health, happiness and long-term success of your young patients and their families.