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The Britton Family

“We love sharing Tinley’s journey so people can be made aware of Apert syndrome and other craniofacial differences.”

— Sarah Britton

“Thankfully we learned about DSCC early on…special needs families have enough on their plates…”

“Our four-year-old daughter, Tinley, was born with Apert syndrome, hydrocephalus, Chiari malformation, and hearing impairment,” her mother, Sarah, explains. “She is farsighted with other eye issues, too, and I am sure I am missing something [listed in her medical files at DSCC].”

“We were not aware of Tinley’s diagnoses until she was born emergency c-section, because she was breech at 36 weeks. The University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital staff referred us to DSCC when Tinley was still in the NICU.”

“Thankfully we learned about DSCC early on,” Sarah continues. “Special needs families already have enough on their plates than to have to go searching for all the health care and insurance resources they need. I have shared DSCC with several parents.”

“I’ll always be grateful our first DSCC case worker was present at Tinley’s transitional meeting from Early Intervention to pre-school. I was happy to have her there, since she had more experience with school meetings than I had at the time. She also told us about the Wilma Rudolph School when we were looking for possibilities. We enrolled Tinley in August 2013, and just started her 2nd year there in September. So glad our case worker told us about it!”

“The most challenging things for us are seeing Tinley go through so many surgeries, many hours of therapy, and people not accepting her because of her craniofacial differences. It is hard to see your child be picked on for the way she was created. We want the world to choose to be kind.”

“Tinley is a strong-willed, amazing little girl though, who has an amazing little brother, David, that helps her out when needed. Our family loves doing all kinds of activities together – going to the park, playing with friends at church, and meeting other families affected by special needs at different events and support groups.

“We have created a Facebook fan page for her so her friends and fans can follow her journey.” Connect with the Britton family at

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