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Jojo’s Family

“The photo I’m sharing shows [Jojo's] expression when his new cochlear implants were activated. The joy we all felt that day is impossible to express!”

— mother, Gretchen

“Never, never settle for anything less than your child deserves”

“Our five-year-old son, Jovanni (Jojo), was born deaf,” his mother, Gretchen, explains. “The hospital referred us to Specialized Care for Children when he was first diagnosed as an infant.  We enrolled him right away for their help and care coordination.”

“Since then, the support we’ve received from Specialized Care for Children has had a wonderful impact on our family.  Their programs and services have helped so much with financial and insurance assistance.  Our care coordinators helped us find the right doctors and therapists for Jojo to eventually receive cochlear implants.  The photo I’m sharing (above) shows his expression when his new cochlear implants were activated.  The joy we all felt that day is impossible to express!”

Gretchen continues, saying, “I believe that children who either develop or are born with hearing loss can live what most would call ‘a normal life,’ and can come to eventually enjoy the benefits of the world’s sounds: rain, voices, animals, music, etc.  Cochlear devices are wonderful pieces of technology for these children.  At the same time, it has been a struggle for us, as Jojo’s parents, to not let others dictate what was best for our son, from his medical providers to our school officials.”

“Cochlear implants aren’t something you can merely walk off and forget like a new pair of tires… the technology is only as good as the follow through after activation with therapy.” “That being said, we are thrilled with Jojo’s progress now!” Gretchen says proudly.  “To date, he has entered Kindergarten with an IEP, but at normal kindergarten age without an interpreter – our biggest goal since his ‘new ears’ were activated!”

“My advice to parents of a child with special health care needs would be this:  do your own research, so you know what services and programs out there,” Gretchen shares.  “Don’t merely accept what the schools give you and the due process they stipulate for your child.  And never, never settle for anything less than what your child deserves.”

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